WFD Memorial Markers

The members of the Wilmington Firefighters Association have started a new program to honor former members of the Wilmington Fire Department who have past and are buried in Wilmington cemeteries by placing a marker near their memorials. 

The markers are a red maltese cross which includes a red FD flag with gold lettering.  The flags dimensions are 12” x 18” with the words “Loyal to our duty” and the maltese cross measures 6” x 6”. 

We have purchased 40 markers this year and will add more each year. The plan is to display the markers each year from Memorial Day to approximately Columbus Day.

Most of our records of past members were lost in the flood water of Irene.  We do have members that can go back over 50+ years but if you don’t see a marker please feel free to contact us. If anyone wishes to see a picture of the markers or to donate to this program, please visit our website at

Stay safe,

Robert A. Maynard Jr

President, Wilmington Firefighters Association

Wilmington Firefighters Association P.O. Box 1492 Wilmington, VT 05363