2023 Fundraising Drive

Dear Wilmington and Searsburg Resident;

Fighting fires is just one of the many responsibilities of the Wilmington Fire Department.   Our members train for, and participate in numerous emergencies, including vehicle extrication, hazardous materials incidents, snowmobile accidents, wildland firefighting and search and rescue.   And the ever-present weather-related incidents, including flooding, high wind issues, both hot and cold weather emergencies are also included in our training regimen.  

The number of requests (calls) for the Wilmington Fire Department increases every year, as does the number of hours our members need to keep up with training, and certifications.  Remember, this is not our full-time job.  Along with spending time on fire department calls and training, members are working to help support themselves and families.  They are taking time away from family dinners, family outings and other “down time” to help others and their families.  Hopefully you will never need our help, but the Wilmington Fire Department will ALWAYS be there to assist you when called.

 As much as our community looks to us for help in critical times of need, we look to YOU to continue helping us create a strong community connection. Through the Wilmington Firefighters’ Association (WFA), we are able to “bring Santa to Wilmington” every December for your children, and deliver a freshly prepared chicken dinner to the senior citizens of Wilmington every Labor Day weekend.  Your generous support also allows us to help our own members experiencing tough times with our Brotherhood Fund. These are just a few of the ways that your support brings our community closer. 

This past June, The Wilmington Fire Department relocated from our 53-year-old home to the new station – part of the Wilmington Public Safety facility.   Although tax payer funded, there were many expenses not funded by the town.  These costs were paid for by the WFA.  Our new home now has a “day room” where department members can decompress and relax after a difficult call, and a full kitchen, that we are still “equipping with kitchen essentials”.   All thanks to your generosity. 

The Wilmington Firefighters’ Association asks you to continue your support for our membership with a donation.   All donations to the Wilmington Firefighters’ Association are tax deductible.  

In this day of connectivity, you can also follow us on Facebook: (Wilmington Vermont Fire Department), and you may donate through the link on our web at .

The very foundation of our department is our valued members, and we are always looking for new members to add to our incredible team!  If you, or someone you know, might be interested in joining a dedicated and tight-knit group of men and women, please stop by our station or contact Chief Scott Moore.


Robert A. Maynard Jr.

President, Wilmington Firefighter’s Association, Inc.

Amount of tax deductible contribution: ___$10.00    ___$20.00    ___$50.00    ___$100.00  ___other _____________    

Please make checks payable to: Wilmington Volunteer Firefighter’s Association, Inc.

P. O. Box 1492

Wilmington, VT   05363